Oct 14-16Jaipur
Woman Up! Summit 2019

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Woman Up! Summit kicks off on 14th October 2019
Venue : Hotel Grand Uniara, Jaipur



The Woman Up! Summit 2019

What many see as subversive, we see as normal. We step out to talk business. We also stay at home and earn with the content that flows from the tip of our pens and fecundity of our minds.

You will find us sweating it out on the sports field and sometimes we are seen capturing stories with a camera in hand on a war front. From 14th to 16th of October however, you will find us all at the Woman Up! summit in Jaipur, in an effort to add more to the likes of us.

Woman Up! – Why?

We’re not just a set of dreamers, there is a strong practical angle that is real and achievable. Meet some feisty Women at Work at the summit and know that there are many ways to be a part of the workforce. The idea is to integrate more and more women to join the workforce and also to re-integrate those who wish to take up work after having taken a hiatus.

Women At Work

Add women to your work-force

The main long term goal of Woman Up! Summit is to get firms, companies and corporations to pledge to add women to their work-force. We hope you will come forward with opportunities for women to work outside of home and profiles that will allow work from home as well. The idea is to integrate more and more women to join the work force and also to re-integrate those who wish to take up work after a hiatus.

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Anil Verma


Bhavna Toor


Bhanwari Devi


Eika Banerjee

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Programme 2019

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