Oct 14-16Jaipur



Sujata Bhandari

Sujata Bhandari is an established name for bespoke destination weddings, events and has a perceptive eye for organizing and designing weddings. As a stylist and shopping curator, she assists clients to develop their original style and achieve the desired look by aiding them in the selection of personal style items, be it clothes, jewelry or a bridal trousseau. She founded Naityam, a jewellery line, in 2005 and specializes in customized pieces for both men and women. Sujata graduated in the Jaipur Gharana of Kathak and has been artistically engaged with theatre and television. As an entrepreneur, she has been an active part of myriad activities like judging for well known institutes and organizations, convening shows, image consultancy sessions with hotels, launching brands and curating pop-ups, just to name a few.

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