Oct 14-16Jaipur



Shan Bhatnagar

Shan Bhatnagar is an Indian painter whose vibrant artwork is a distinct take on the traditional temple art of Pichwai. Using oil paints instead of natural dyes or acrylics, and painting on canvas instead of cloth like traditional Pichwais, Shan recreates his darshans at Nandlal ki Haveli (the Shrinathji temple at Nathdwara), in exquisite artworks.

Shan is deeply inspired and influenced by Jaipur, where he resides and creates these magnificent pieces of work, represented in a myriad riot of brilliant hues. Besides being a professional artist, Shan is also a curator especially dealing in the traditional Pichwai paintings of Nathdwara. He was recently asked to curate the Krishna Art Pavilion for the Ambanis as part of the Reliance Foundation. Shan is also an established interior designer and works on projects for the royal families of Jaipur and Udaipur. A confirmed foodie, he has a well developed and refined palette for all kinds of cuisines.

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