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Shagun Mehra

Shagun Mehra is the founder of Food Design Studio. She co-founded the first accredited Wine School in India and is also co-owner and Director of Cuisine at the luxury award winning resort Coco Shambhala Goa & Sindhudurg. She is named as one of the top 5 craftspeople in India by the luxury edition of Fortune magazine and her passion for food led her to host and feature in a variety of shows for networks such as Ping, Living Foodz, Arré and India Food Network. Shagun was recently featured in La Vanguardia for a 4 Hands Dinner that she cooked with the Top Chef of Barcelona. With her specialized skills, she has personally trained top hotel, airline and restaurant staff across the country on the finer points of food and wine. Add to this, she was selected to represent India at ICEX Spain. Her other passion – wildlife and animals,  led her to co-found the Ear to the Wild Foundation. Shagun works with the Wildlife Institute of India to save elephants from train collision deaths.

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