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Sanju Verma

Sanju Verma is a winner all the way and an inspiration to many, having defeated all adversity to come out victorious and successful. Born in an impoverished and disadvantaged family in a mofussil village of Sri Ganganagar, Sanju was married very young at 17 and was a mother before she turned 18. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when she lost her husband and father-in-law in quick succession. She was sent back to her parents’ home to fend for herself and her son. For Sanju, this dark cloud came in the form of an education package awarded to her at the Kanya Lohri festival. This afforded Sanju the opportunity to study the basic course in computer application. On completion of the computer course, she was offered a job in the same institute. But the ambitious Sanju wanted to study further and joined the local college. While in her 2nd year of college, she was married to Shanti Swaroop, a daily wage labourer. Despite the odds, Shanti Swaroop encouraged her to study further and Sanju completed her graduation as well as Tally, an accounting software program. Presently, Sanju has two children and aspires to take up a job as soon as her younger child is a little older.

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