Oct 14-16Jaipur



Major Dr. Meeta Singh

Major Dr. Meeta Singh has been actively working towards saving the girl child and enhancing the dignity of girls in Rajasthan for the past 19 years. Dr. Singh is a development professional working for women empowerment and dignity, combating violence against women, legal literacy for women, declining girl child sex ratio in India, health and health policies, girl child education and enhancing overall dignity of the girl child. Dr. Singh has been honoured with several awards including the Outstanding Woman award by the National Commission for Women, Government of India.  Started in 2006, Dignity of Girl Child Program, included events like Kanya Lohri and community weddings dedicated to establishing the ‘value the girl child’. The program is focused on providing educational packages for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. Dr. Singh is currently working on developing a training manual for health care providers on how to address child sexual abuse. She will be speaking at the International conference on Women in Networking as a social entrepreneur in Athens, Greece in October 2019.

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