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Bhanvari Devi

Bhanvari Devi’s basic training for phad narration started at her maternal house at the age of 7 and she was narrating phad by the time she was 13 years old. When her husband initiated harmonium playing during phad recital, Bhanwari Devi realized that her voice was best suited with the harmonium.  In the next few years, the group and Bhanwari’s voice became widely known and accepted in the entire region, with diverse works including deity worship, folk music, and epic narration. In the genre of devotional music, Bhanwari Devi specialises in Pabuji, Balaji, Shyamji, Ramchandra ji, Kabir, Mataji, Dharmidas ji, Bhaninath, and Amrit Nath ji, to name a few. And in the genre of epic narration music, her forte is Jagdev Kankali, Sharavan Kumar, Gopi Chand – Bharathari, Goga Ji, Satyawan and Savitri. In Rajasthani folk music, her strengths are Chirmi, Moriyon, Gorband, Kelni Kamdo Banjara, etc.

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